Top Ten Most Frequently Things Overheard* at RailsConf '07 in Portland, OR

  • 10. "WTF, I've been here four days and have yet to see the Space Needle..."
  • 9. "Is DHH single?"
  • 8. "I just started working for a startup..."
  • 7. "So, can Rails scale?"
  • 6. " Is that another name for 'programmer's-butt'?"
  • 5. "OK, but what's your plan for revenue generation?"
  • 4. "No it doesn't do that yet, but if you submit a patch..."
  • 3. "Twitter is lame. Who cares what you had for lunch?"
  • 2. "just ate turkey sandwich, wasn't very good 1:04 PM May 20, 2007 from twitterrific"

And the number one thing overheard at RailsConf '07:

  • 1. "Fuck you in the neck!"

* - Totally made up, except the last one, which, when spat out by Zed Shaw, sent a shock wave through the adjacent conference rooms, and indeed may have shifted the Pacific plate a few inches to the west.